Limited? 5 Sneaky Tips to Outsmart Bookmakers and Keep Your Value Bets Rolling


Team OddsButler

Are you tired of having your value bets limited or your account restricted by bookmakers? Here are some tips on how you can avoid these issues to keep generating profits.

Chains above euro cash

Focus on big markets

By focusing on the big markets and leagues, you can avoid attracting unwanted attention from bookmakers and continue to place value bets for a longer time without being limited.

Use round stakes

Bet €10 instead of €12 or €50 instead of €48. Bookmakers use sophisticated algorithms to identify winning players who place bets with exact amounts. By rounding your stake to the nearest round number, you can avoid drawing attention to yourself and reduce the risk of being flagged as a successful player.

This may not seem like a significant difference, but it can extend the lifetime of your account.

Make small deposits

When you sign up with a bookmaker, it’s best to start with a small first deposit rather than a large sum. This ensures that you only deposit what you need to cover your next few bets and avoid drawing unwanted attention to your account. By making a small first deposit, you can also reduce the risk of getting reviewed by bookmakers immediately after registration.

Bet on doubles

By placing doubles from different events, you can make it appear as you’re simply betting for fun and entertainment rather than solely for profit. This makes it less likely that bookmakers will suspect you of value betting or limit your account.

In addition to helping you avoid bookmaker limitations, doubles can also increase the expected value of your bets. But remember that it comes at with the cost of variance.

Use different bookmakers

Spread your bets across multiple bookmakers. By doing so, you reduce the risk of being flagged as a successful player and maximize your chances of placing value bets without restrictions.


Value betting is a powerful strategy for maximizing your profits as a sports bettor. However, bookmaker limitations can make it difficult to place bets with high stakes. By focusing on big markets, making small deposits and spreading your bets across multiple bookmakers, you can extend the lifetime of your bookmaker accounts. Take your sports betting to the next level and enjoy greater success in the long run.